And Then A New Page Begins

margins 1
Knowing that I was leaving the next day on an international trip, a friend of mine encouraged me with these wise words: “Remember to add margin to your days as you travel and do ministry.”

After many long days of faith stretching ministry experiences and an over-abundance of time with people, I am very glad that I followed my friend’s encouragement. I protected mornings for quiet reflection and planned a full day of rest 10 days into the trip.

When I think of margin, I immediately think of the border around the words on a page. Only so many words can fit within the margins and then a new page begins.

In the same way, there are only so many activities that can fit within the discretionary margins of a day. When we push against the margins, we find ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually spent.

Okay, so my friend talks to me about margin before I leave and now this week, the theme of margin keeps randomly coming up…

One missionary couple spoke of living too close to the edge and their need for removing some activities from their weekly schedule.

A Ukrainian pastor and his wife spoke of a new season in which they want to plan for margin to protect their family. They even used the word margin!

How do we stay in the ministry, fully refreshed, fully envisioned and fully engaged for a life-time?

I think the answer may have something to do with margin.