Coaching Skills Training

As a woman in ministry, you most likely have women whom you are mentoring and developing as leaders.

And… you may also have children, family members, and friends whom you’d like to see grow and take steps forward in their lives.

Coaching skills training will help you move from giving advice, teaching and nagging to partnering, listening, asking and supporting the people you serve.

You will be amazed at how you will be able to help people find internal motivation to move forward, increase performance and discover and achieve their God-given goals and dreams.

Participate in a 3 Session Coach Training

Join an existing group or create your own group with interested friends, colleagues or your leadership team.

Not just for women

Three 2-hour sessions arranged all in one day, over a two-day period or once per week for three weeks (you choose)

Skype or local groups

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The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. Proverbs 20:5