For Pastor’s Wives

Only another pastor’s wife can “get” your reality.

A pastor’s wife often experiences deep satisfaction knowing that she and her husband are making an eternal difference in people’s lives. And yet, she has many challenges that come with her unique role.

I offer group and individual coaching for pastors’ wives.

hellostranger 400Join a pastor’s wife coaching group or form one with a few pastors’ wives you know and we will explore topics such as:

  • You are a team: partnering with your husband
  • Creating and sustaining a healthy, thriving marriage
  • Raising spiritually-minded children to know and love the Lord (and the church)
  • Finding safe and authentic friendships
  • Expectations: being you when other’s think you should be someone else
  • Discovering and living out your strengths
  • Leaving a legacy: discovering your unique God-given vision, mission and purpose
  • Developing a vibrant, growing spiritual life

Groups of 3-5 pastors’ wives

Two 90 minute coaching groups per month for 3 months

Skype or Local Groups

Individual Coaching

Contact Me for more information.