When I really want to see something, really see something… I close my eyes.

I love this quote:

“Sight is seeing with the eyes; vision is seeing with the mind.” – Orrin Woodward

What is your vision for your work, your ministry, your family, your health, your marriage, your children, and even your home?

Clear vision statements can powerfully draw you toward what you would like to see become a reality in your life.

As I think back on my life, I am reminded of the many vision statements I have made and lived to see become a reality. Here are a few:

When my husband and I were engaged, we had a vision for our marriage. We said that we did not want to have a good marriage; we wanted a great marriage. So we made it our mission to do what it would take to have a great marriage.

Three years ago when we were looking for a new church home and beginning a new season with a lot of travel, we had a vision for our future church. We simply wanted a church that would miss us when we were gone and would be happy to see us when we returned.

Several years ago I wrote a vision statement for my life. I have it framed and siting on my desk reminding me daily of the influence I would like to have during my life-time. Here is my vision:

I want to see a great number of Christian women all over the world who are mature in Christ and influential for the kingdom of God.

Why not take time to envision what you would like to see in your life?

  • Begin with closing your eyes.
  • Dream and picture what you would really like to see.
  • See your vision in clear and colorful detail.
  • Write your vision to encourage clarity and keep it from becoming hazy in the back of your mind.
  • Share your vision with a friend. Speaking it out loud will cement it.
  • Commit your vision to prayer.
  • Go for it!

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