Terri painting edit 2
Last summer we moved! With the move came the enormous task of painting and cleaning a house that needed a large dose of Tender Loving Care before we could live in it. Now, just 10 months later, we find ourselves with the same assignment, another move to a house that needs just as much TLC!

The phrase “Here we go again” weighed heavily on my mind as I contemplated the daunting project that lay before us.

Often, when we think of having to do something again, our response may be less than positive. A sense of dread and a deep sigh usually trump an outburst of delight.

But what an opportunity we are handed from above to learn, to improve and to do something better the next time!

As women in ministry we organize annual, monthly and weekly events. We regularly begin new groups and train new leaders. At home we frequently plan for special celebrations, house projects and family gatherings.

The next time you get to do something “again,” consider the opportunity for growth.

Here are a few questions that may help guide your process…

  • On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate the group, event, relationship, experience, etc.? What would move the scale up a notch?
  • What would improvement look like this time?
  • How did the experience affect other areas of your life?
  • How did the experience align with your values?
  • What are the non-negotiables this time?
  • What truths will you hold on to this time?

Last summer, when we were inundated with the house project and move, my daily routines disintegrated and my life did not reflect my values. This summer, I am unwilling for my routines and values to be compromised again. I am committed to a few non-negotiables and remind myself daily that it won’t be long before we are settled again.