Discipleship: Her Next Steps

steps 2She is teachable, hungry for spiritual growth, wanting to learn, desiring to serve and ready to take her next steps.

How can you help her? What are her next steps?

Whether your working with women who are taking their first steps in their spiritual growth or with women who have been walking with God for a long time, there are strategic, developmental opportunities that can help her to grow.

Churches provide rich environments for taking next steps: welcoming guests, setting up the church venue, helping in the children’s program, participating in prayer, assisting at women’s events, providing refreshments and more…

The question is… What is she ready for that will accelerate her spiritual growth?

Here are five words to consider as you help a woman take her next steps:

Serve   Facilitate   Invest   Teach   Lead

Is she ready to Serve?
Serving is an entry-level opportunity that provides connection to other believers and genuine help to the church. Encourage her to find a place to serve out of her unique passion and gifting.

Is she ready to Facilitate?
Women’s Bibles Studies, small groups, and community groups provide environments for Biblical discussions. Perhaps she is ready to facilitate a discussion group. Give her the chance, provide a few “how to” tips and offer helpful feedback.

Is she ready to Invest?
Even the newest believer has something to offer. As soon as she learns a fresh Biblical truth, she can pass it on to a friend. And for the mature woman, she has a mandate in Titus 2 to teach the younger women. Talk together about women whom she can invest in.

Is she ready to Teach?
She may be a godly women with a wealth of wisdom to share, and yet has never had the opportunity to speak. Encourage her to stretch in her spiritual development. Help her prepare a message for a women’s gathering and provide helpful feedback.

Is she ready to Lead?
Perhaps she is a strategic-thinking, take-charge type of woman with a growing heart for ministry. If she has the spiritual and emotional maturity, then, she may be ready to lead. Walk along-side her and provide feedback until she is ready to lead on her own.

And what about our next steps… what are we ready for?

I am especially stretched and dependent on the Lord when I teach and lead. It can be like walking in high heels for me: awkward and uncomfortable 🙂 Therefore, I intentionally take these opportunities and powerfully experience the work of God in and through me.

How about you? What next steps are you ready for?