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A new year is approaching full of opportunity for growth and change, for life to look less like the way it was and more like the way you want it.

Every year, people around the globe sense the opportunity and make New Years Resolutions. They declare:

I will… lose 10 pounds.
I will… spend more time with friends and family.
I will… read through the Bible.
I will… organize my house.
I will… exercise daily.

I will… I will… I will…

Sound familiar?

January 1st usually starts out strong, but unfortunately, with each subsequent day, the challenge of the resolution becomes greater and the defeat becomes imminent. A diet gets broken, the workload becomes heavy, the Bible gets dusty and life is as it was once again.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way…
Growth and change can happen with reflection and a plan for action.

woman drinking coffee in cafe

Join me as the New Year is approaching and take time to plan.
Note: Planning is always more fun in a comfy chair with a fresh cup of coffee.

Here’s what to do when you once you’ve gotten comfortable:

Choose an area of your life in which you would like to see growth or change.
It may be your home environment, your family, your spouse, your work, your ministry, your finances, your spiritual life, your personal growth, and/or your health.

Awareness: Where are you now?
What are you satisfied/dissatisfied with?
How does this impact you/others?
If nothing changed, how would you feel?

Vision: Where do you want to be?
What would it do for you if you __________ (lost weight, spent more time with family, read through the Bible…)?
How would life look differently for you/others?

Actions: What would you like to do?
What might work for you?
What has worked for you in the past?
What has worked for others?

Obstacles: What might get in the way?
This is perhaps the key component of seeing your resolution become a reality.
What might get in your way?
How can you overcome?
What structures can you put in place (alarms, notes, etc.)
Who can hold you accountable?

May this year be full of growth and change for you as you walk with God and live your life intentionally for His glory!

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