God is Good and Can be Trusted

Young woman with arms crossed
I have to be honest… I am a doubter. Some people have faith and it appears that nothing seems to shake their faith. But for me, disappointments in life can really mess with my relationship with God.

I have some dear friends battling cancer, some grieving over lost loved ones, many longing to get married or have children, and many concerned about their children not walking with the Lord. I pray for them. I pray for my own concerns. And I find myself disappointed when things don’t turn out the way I want them to.

Disappointments in life can cause us to become cynical and doubt that God is good and worthy of our trust.

When we doubt, we cross our arms (perhaps just metaphorically but maybe even literally) and with prideful hearts demand that God prove to us that He is good. We pray and expect that He answer our prayer our way or else we will not believe that He can be trusted.

The truth is: God is good and can be trusted no matter what the outcome.

I remember a retreat that I was at many years ago and a woman spoke on God’s goodness. I remember her saying, “God is good and cannot not be good.” It is His identity. It is His fingerprint.

When we trust, we uncross our arms and with humble hearts and child-like faith, we pray as Jesus taught us to “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”

Crossing our arms and demanding that God prove Himself only leads to distance from God. Just try crossing your arms. Go ahead… Look at the barrier you made.

However, opening our arms and trusting that God is good no matter what will surely lead us to intimacy.

I don’t know about you, but I long for intimacy with God. I want to kick the habit of doubt.

Lately I have been practicing prayer with a heart of humility. I intentionally sit with my arms uncrossed and at my side. I make my request and then I say, “nevertheless, not my will but Yours, Oh Lord, because You are good and can be trusted.”

What is something difficult in your life that is challenging you to trust that God is good no matter what happens?

Would you uncross your arms with me?