refreshing 1
I am doing something today that is absolutely refreshing to my mind and soul.

Do I have something else that I should be doing? Yes! There is ALWAYS something that I should be doing. And for me, it is an intentional choice to do something that is refreshing for me instead of what needs to be done. This thing that I am doing is therapeutic, life-giving and necessary.

Would you like to know what I have chosen to do today?

After all this build up, you will probably feel let down. But that’s just it… what lifts me up is unique to me. You have something that refreshes you, that is therapeutic, life-giving and necessary. I am simply sewing pillows for my family room today while listening to quiet worship music of a new favorite artist.

What is refreshing for you? What should you stop your busy life to do?

Be sure to be intentional about times of refreshment. We need to take care of our souls.