Do you have a Sacred Companion?

Swans A_0I love the picture of swans. They literally journey with each other through life. They mate for life and they go on seasonal migratory journeys together!

We each have individual spiritual journeys, but we cannot journey alone. God designed us to journey with each other, to provide safety and care for each other’s souls.

Do you have a spiritual friend or sacred companion who truly cares about your inner life, your deepening intimacy with God, and your transformational journey of becoming all God intends for you to be?

Last fall, God began to stir in me a desire to go deeper with Him. Taking a Spiritual Formation class, I reflected on the depth of my intimacy with the Lord and felt dissatisfied and stuck, stuck at a level of intimacy I have been at for years.

I asked myself… What would it be like if I experienced greater intimacy, greater connection and greater union with God? I could only imagine a more peaceful, centered, loving, trusting me. This just stirred up greater desire for me to go deeper!

I want so much to move forward in my spiritual life that I came up with some immediate action steps.

Here they are:

  • Read Brother Lawrence’s book, The Practice of the Presence of God.
  • Pray for and seek a spiritual director/coach, someone who can help me tune into God’s Presence.
  • Pursue Sacred Companions – I already have a few; however, I want us to be more intentional about caring for each other’s souls.

In his book Sacred Companions, David Benner describes how spiritual friends accompany each other on life’s transformational journey. It was a great read!