The Discipleship Conversation: What do we talk about?

Friends Talking over Coffee
You want God to use you in other women’s lives. You want to make disciples, as it is God’s command for believers, “Go therefore and make disciples…” Matt. 28:19

So you choose someone. A new believer or someone who really wants to grow spiritually. And you ask her to coffee. Only… you have no clue what to talk about with her. Where do you begin? What is important in the conversation?

I have found that three simple, “easy to remember” words can help guide a discipleship conversation.

In fact, these three words can change a random, haphazard conversation into one that is intentional, powerful, and transformational.

Here are the three words:  Life  Growth  Mission

Divide the conversation into three sections of Life, Growth and Mission. You will simply ask her questions to help draw her out. Sometimes she will want to hear from you, too. So share authentically from your own life as well.

Ask her about her life and pray for her.

Questions: How are you doing? What is going well? What is challenging? What is God doing in your life? What is God teaching you?

Ask her about how she would like to grow (her identity in Christ, the fruit of the Spirit, sharing her faith story, personal devotions, relationships, service, leadership, etc.)

You may want to do a study together during this section of the conversation.

Questions: How would you like to grow this season? What would it do for you if you were to grow in this way? What resource would help you? Future conversations: How are you growing? What is holding you back? What can help you move forward?

Ask her about her ministry and encourage her to invest her life in others.

Questions: Who are the unbelievers you are praying for and reaching out to in your neighborhood/workplace/classes? Who are you discipling/mentoring? If she is leading a small group, coordinating events or has a ministry of service: How is it going? What are you celebrating? What are the challenges?

**The beauty of these three words is that they are transferrable. Your disciples can use Life Growth Mission as a guide for their conversations with their disciples.

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