Vision for Your Women’s Ministry

In my last post, The Power of Vision, I shared about the motivation for action that a clear vision will bring to your life, ministry, family, neighborhood, and workplace. In today’s post, I’d like to share the vision of CrossPointe Women, the women’s ministry at my church where I serve on the Leadership Team.

Four years ago, three women sat in my living room, ready to launch a women’s ministry in our church, but did not know where to begin. What we did know is that we wanted to see clearly what God had in mind for the women of our church. We wanted a vision.

We asked ourselves two primary questions:
What do we want to see God form in the women of our church?
What is most valuable to God and to us?

After many hours of praying and discussing, we believe that God led us to this vision statement:

We want to see that every woman would find her identity, satisfaction and hope in Christ displayed through intentional Gospel-centered living.

Every word of this statement is packed with meaning that motivates us and guides our decisions about what we do. Let me unpack it for you:

Every woman
Not just the regulars, not just new women, but every woman who walks through the doors of our church would find…

Her identity in Christ
Our vision is that every woman will know that she is loved, accepted and approved of, not because of anything she does or how she compares to others, but because of what Christ did on the cross for her.

Her satisfaction in Christ
Psalms 63:5 says,  “My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods.” Our vision is that every woman will be so full in Christ that she will not turn to anything else for her satisfaction.

Her hope in Christ
We all have a story of something difficult in our lives that we hope will work out. Our vision is that every woman will put her hope in Christ whether it works out or not.

Displayed through…

Intentional means “to do something in a certain way on purpose.” Our vision is that every woman would live her life on purpose, intentionally, in a…

Gospel-centered way, that every area of her life (marriage, parenting, finances, recreation, work, etc.) would be permeated with the gospel.

If you lead a women’s ministry, what do you want to see God form in the women of your church? What is valuable to God and to you?