It’s official! I am now an older, wiser woman!

Bright air balloonsWhenever I teach on the Titus 2 passage that “older women should teach the younger women,” I whimsically tell teenagers and 20-somethings that they are “old.” There is always a woman that is younger in age or younger spiritually than them. And there is so much that they have to offer younger women.

Well, I reached a milestone this week. I turned 50!

Something about this number makes me think that it’s official now for me… I am certainly now an older, wiser woman!

And I am sobered and honored by the responsibility.

It is a high call!  It is weighty and not something to take lightly. God has given me a life full of experiences, full of joy and challenge, and full of learning that I can offer to younger women.

How about you? Whether you are young or old, what can you offer a younger woman?

Along with being ushered into the Titus 2 company of women, I also feel like I graduated, though there was no marching to Pomp and Circumstance and no cap and gown.

Four years ago I began a journey of discovery about how God designed me, my strengths, passions, values and gifting. As a result I went to school and became certified as a Life Coach. And in the process, God gave me a clear vision and mission for my life that has remained solid.

Framed and in my office, my vision and mission statements remind me daily of the legacy I want to leave and the action steps to make it happen.

I am grateful to the Lord for preparing me well for my 50’s decade.

My older brother facetiously sent me a message on Facebook that he wished he lived closer to me so that he could give me some black balloons. Thanks bro! I love you, too!

No black balloons here. No gloomy sense of feeling old and like my life is over. I may be half a century, but I have many years left to influence and live out God’s purpose for my life.

They are to teach what is good, 4 and so train the young women… Titus 2:3-4