Connecting with the lost

As we sat sipping cappuccinos in a quaint café in Moscow, I was inspired by her story. Sveta, a mother of five, shared with me how she uses her talents to connect with the lost.

Two years ago when she moved into a new apartment, Sveta was motivated to reach out to her new neighbors with the Gospel, but she didn’t know how to begin.

Some questions came to her mind: What skills do I have to offer? What can I do to help? How can my family be a blessing?

Sveta loves to bake. Together with her two adopted daughters, ages four and six, she invites the neighborhood children with their moms to decorate cup-cakes. The children spread icing all over the kitchen while their moms sip tea and talk.

Sveta also loves to do crafts such as felting. Once a week, she sets up her living room for a day of felting with neighborhood women. The ladies spend hours together sipping tea and talking while they work. Notice, tea is always included when Russian women gather 🙂

The uniqueness of her family, three of her own children ages sixteen to twenty-one, and the addition of her adopted children, has opened up many opportunities to talk about her passion for orphans which beautifully leads to the Gospel.

What about you? What skills do you have to offer? How can you help? How can your family be a blessing?

I love our new puppy! While we were just thinking of ourselves and our desire to have a dog to love, we have been pleasantly surprised at how many neighbors we now know because of our daily walks in the neighborhood.

I also love Polish Pottery. And I love to open my home. When I lived overseas, I collected Polish pottery. This December, I am planning to invite all my neighborhood ladies to a Christmas Tea adorned with my collection of beautiful patterns and colors.

What do you love to do? How can you connect with the lost?