How full is your pitcher?

pitcher 5You are a pitcher, pouring out fresh, clear, life-giving water all day long. You counsel, you mentor, you lead, you serve, you teach, you CARE!

This past week, two women, on separate occasions, expressed how empty they felt.

Women who choose to serve in ministry, either as a full-time profession or in addition to an already full-time profession (motherhood included), can find themselves empty and completely poured out with nothing left to give.

How does a woman in ministry keep her pitcher full?

I have been serving the Lord since High School. Seriously… I became a Christian at 14 and immediately began pouring out the fresh, clear, life-giving water of truth that was flowing into me. In my youth group and then at my university, I lead and served and poured.

And I have been pouring ever since.

Here are some ways (each with a corresponding blog post) that I have found to keep my pitcher full:

Let God, and God alone, be your audience. Do not seek the affirmation and approval of others.  God: Your Constant Audience

Guard your time with the Lord and gaze upon His beauty.  To Gaze or to Glance

Seek out a mentor or a coach; someone that will believe in you, listen to you, encourage you, stretch you and point you to Jesus. I am a certified life coach and would love to come along-side you.  About Me 

Spend time with friends; peers with similar interests, who make you laugh, with whom you can have a good cry and where you can be your authentic self.
Do you have a Sacred Companion?

Stop and rest.  Listen to your body and soul. If you are exhausted, then rest.

Build in margin. Recognize that there is only so much time in a day.
And then a New Page Begins

Serve out of your strengths. You will be more energized, effective and productive. Check out my three-session Strengthsfinder package to help you discover and grow your strengths.  Strengthsfinder Coaching

Intentionally do what refreshes you.  Take Time to Refresh

Reflect on your life, where you were, where you are and where you are going.
Personal Planning

How about you? What keeps your pitcher full?